book cover

Cover art for "Food with Attitude" by Chef Papi Pérez

Here's a cover I did recently for a soon-to-be-published cookbook: "Food with Attitude: Cooking the Cuban-Rican Way".

From the Chef Papi Pérez Facebook Fan Page (which includes a fantastic and unique recipe for hummus) :

"Join Chicago’s very own Chef Papi Pérez on a culinary journey where flavor and health-conscious food go hand-in-hand. In this unique cookbook Papi Pérez shares recipes from his many years as a certified Kosher chef and restaurant consultant."

It's being published by Wicker Park Press Ltd. and will sell for $27.95.

"Sweet by Design" book cover submission

Author and adman Steffan Postaer has found a clever means of introducing his latest novel. He's been posting the entire book, Sweet by Design, chapter by chapter on his website and has invited the public to submit proposed covers which he also posts. The book itself is a great read and many of the cover entries are wonderful. Here's mine. Feedback is welcome, here or on Steffan's site!