Sweet by Design

2nd "Sweet by Design" book cover proposal

This is my second entry for author Steffan Postaer's contest to come up with a cover design for his latest novel "Sweet by Design" which can be read in its entirety here. There are about sixty entries, many of which are very clever. While I usually don't take part in "crowdsourcing" artwork, I thought the idea of rolling out a book by posting it online chapter by chapter was fun and different and I enjoyed the collaborative nature of the contest.

The book is a mostly light hearted "road trip" story, about a Chicago interior designer who, along with his faux fianceé,  makes a visit to GreenBay, WI for his father's 80th birthday party. It's a fun story with good characters.

Steffan himself has just announced on his blog that he's leaving his post as Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of Euro RSCG Chicago. Best of luck to him in his next venture.

"Sweet by Design" book cover submission

Author and adman Steffan Postaer has found a clever means of introducing his latest novel. He's been posting the entire book, Sweet by Design, chapter by chapter on his website and has invited the public to submit proposed covers which he also posts. The book itself is a great read and many of the cover entries are wonderful. Here's mine. Feedback is welcome, here or on Steffan's site!