Dave's Ink  is a one man illustration and design studio owned and operated by me, Dave Wittekind.

With over twenty years in the Chicago advertising community, I've created countless storyboard and comp illustrations that sell ideas. I’ve also designed finished art for logos, magazine covers, digital media, packaging and posters.


My expertise is in creating digital art for comp and finish, as well as traditional hand-drawn work when that's what's right for the job. Here’s how some of my colleagues and clients describe me:

“Very versatile artist…problem solver…super speedy…computer genius…can read your mind when you’re having trouble communicating…effective multi-tasker…easy to work with…calm demeanor…takes direction well…hard working…well rounded…delivers great results”

I'm available for virtually any job involving graphics whether for print, web or any other visual communication device. In my Portfolio section, you'll find samples of storyboards and 2D and 3D digital illustration. Call or email me any time for a quote or to discuss your next project.

Mercifully short bio

I love to draw and create visually, so it’s fortunate that I grew up in a family that valued creativity and interest in the arts. The pictures to the right are of me, when I was around nine years old, painting a Cubs mural on my bedroom wall. (Oh, Cubs, how many times have you broken my heart in the intervening years?)

After graduating from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, I worked briefly for Bally Pinball Company. Then it was on to the big, shiny world of advertising, first as a storyboard artist and later creating most of my work digitally. Along the way, I managed to acquire one wife, two kids, a house and a dog.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Dave Wittekind