Worst Congress Ever Tops itself

“They didn't break me. I broke myself.”

-Max Brooks, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

As we enter the second week of the U.S. government shutdown, polls show that although most citizens still blame the GOP lead House of Representatives, they're more than willing to spread the blame around.

How we reached the point where handful of renegadeTeaParty Rupublicans, lead by junior Texas Senator Ted Cruz, could bring the entire U.S. government to its knees shows just how broken the system is.

With the Budget ceiling deadline coming up on Oct.17th, the stakes for reaching an agreement have never been higher. Failure to raise the debt ceiling to pay off money already spent would likely result in a huge disruption to the world economy. In fact, because the stakes are so high, few believe that even the most dysfunctional Congress ever would dare cross that line. We'll know soon enough.