Va’u: new animation style

Lately, I and fellow illustrator Jim Swanson have been developing various ways of doing “live drawing” animations that progressively appear on the screen. This is the first one of mine that I’m willing to show. It was created with the help of Chipp Walter’s fantastic (and FREE) “Scribe Assist” script.
So, you ask, what’s with the pyramids in a Polynesian themed drawing? (shrug) I guess they just seemed to fit the composition. Anyway, it’s a fun technique and I’m looking forward to doing lots more of them.

The soundtrack is “Va’u” from the album “Percussions Polynesiennes: South Pacific Drums”.

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2 Responses to Va’u: new animation style

  1. Very nice! I’m interested in how people can easily create video scribes in the future. I’m working on an iPad suite to help facilitate this process.


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