Sketches from the NATO protests

So the 2012 NATO Summit is history, and the city of Chicago is still standing, despite the predictions by some of pademonium in the streets. Whether due to the extraordinary precautions of the police force or a case of overhyped hysteria, things have returned to normal, much to the dismay of the cable news networks. On a whole, the day passed with only minor skirmishes with police. During the early hours, the biggest battle was with the heat.
I was on hand for Friday’s National Nurses United rally at Daley Plaza and Sunday’s protest rally at Grant Park though I left before the march to McCormick place. The Grant Park crowd tried to keep cool as a steady stream of speakers read short prepared remarks aimed at NATO and human rights.
As expected, there were good opportunities to sketch the faces in the crowd and on stage. I added color to some of the images later, which was especially needed in the case of the “generalissimo” in the hot pink uniform.

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Sketches inspired by Cairo images

A couple of weeks ago, I started research for a poster commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket incident in Chicago in which eight policemen were killed (mostly by friendly fire) and dozens of protesters were killed or injured. Though I’m a lifelong resident of the area, I was a little ashamed at how little I knew about this violent and pivotal event in the history of workers’ rights. When the poster is completed, I’ll post it along with some background on the events of that time.

In the meantime, the images coming out of Egypt capture the anger of the Egyptians in their struggle for freedom. Today, at what is called the “Day of Departure” rally, thousands of citizens are protesting peacefully while just blocks away, violent confrontations continue. Hopefully the situation will find a peaceful resolution soon.

Here are a few quick sketches inspired by some of the recent images out of Cairo:

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